1. Synthesis idicators

The synthesis indicators provided by the Regional Statistical Yearbook of the Regione Lombardia allow to acquire an overall view on the Lombardy Region's system by means of a series of indicators:

  • A. Territory, population, demography (number of communes, surface area, population density, resident population, elderliness index, dependency index and active population turnover index)
  • B. Environment (stations monitoring the air quality, municipal waste dumps, share of separate waste collection...)
  • C. Labour (active population, persons in employment, persons seeking employment, activity rate, unemployment rate, temporary employment agencies, parasubordinate workers)
  • D. Enterprises and entrepreneurs (active enterprises, enterprises birth rate, local units industry and services, handicrafts, traders, social positions)
  • E. Scientific research, technology balance, patents (R & D expenditure, labour force, number of patent applications...)
  • F. Regional economic accounts (Gross Domestic Product, domestic final consumption, gross fixed capital formation - investment, compensation of employees, value added at basic prices)
  • G. Foreign trade (imports, exports, foreign-trade indicator, cover rate)
  • H. Banking and real-estate activities (banks, bank branches, deposits and lending, real-estate tenancy contracts, real-estate sale contracts)
  • I. Domestic trade (retail trade outlets, large-scale distribution outlets, retail shopping centres)
  • J. Tourism (hotels, bed & breakfast, total accommodation capacity, number of tourists, nights spent, average length of stay)
  • K. Agriculture (agricultural holdings, livestock head, main productions, forestry and fisheries)
  • L. Education and culture (enrolment in pre-primary schools, primary schools, lower and upper secondary schools, students enrolled in University courses, graduates, students awarded a University diploma, book publishing, private expenditure on cinema and culture) 
  • M. Health (public and private hospitals, physicians, admissions, average length of hospitalisation)
  • N. Social security (total pensioners, per 1000 inhabitants, per 1000 persons in employment)
  • O. Transport infrastructures and traffic volumes (railway network, passengers, road network, registered vehicles, road accidents, dangerousness index, goods transported)
  • P. Households, housing, living standards, services and social life

Data are supplied on a monthly basis and are a synthesis of up-dated values contained in the Yearbook.

Data shown concern Regione LombardiaItaly and Lombardy's values as a % of Italy.

Data aggiornamento: 
November, 2017