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see Utilised Agricultural Area

Underemployed persons

Amongst persons with employment there is a number of underemployed persons. These are those persons who, during the week of reference, worked for a number of hours lower than the general one. The reasons are attributable to a lack of demand for labour or to part-time jobs (provided that these persons did not find any full-time jobs).

Unemployed seeking new job

Job losers aged 15 or over who are actively seeking a new job that they are is able to accept.

Unemployment rate

Represents unemployed persons as a percentage of the active population. The active population is defined as the sum of persons in employment and unemployed persons.Persons in employment are those who during the reference week did any work for pay or profit for at least one hour, or were not working but had jobs for which they were temporarily absent. Family workers are also included.Unemployed persons are those who, during the reference week: a. had no employment, and b. were available to start work within the next two weeks, andc. had actively sought employment at some time during the previous four weeks. In addition, unemployed persons include those who had no employment and had already found a job to start later.

University degree

Level of educational attainment that is obtained after the completion of a University course. A 1st level degree is obtained after the completion of a three-year course; a 2nd level degree (specialised), called "magisterial degree", is obtained after the completion of a 2-year course after the 3-year one.

Unstocked forest land

Unstocked forest land includes areas which are not themselves productive but necessary for production


World Tourism Organisation

Upper secondary school diploma

School leaving certificate that is awarded after the completion of upper secondary school and that enables to enrol in University.

Use of income account

This account shows (for the national economy and for the Public Administration) how the gross disposable income is distributed between consumption and saving.The balance represent gross saving which, less depreciation, makes net saving.

Usual work activity

Work activity that is carried out daily or on a regular basis.

Utilised Agricultural Area (UAA)

The Utilised Agricultural area means the total area used for crop production, which is exhaustively described as : Arable land including temporary grassing and fallow and green manure, permanent grassland, land under permanent crops (e.g. fruit and grapes), crops under glass and other utilised agricultural areas.