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Name Term description
Value added

Is the difference between the value of each type of production of goods and services and the value of their intermediate consumption (raw materials and auxiliary services) during the reference periodIt corresponds to remuneration of production factors plus depreciation and may be calculated at factor cost or at market prices.

Value added at market prices

Corresponds to value-added at factor cost plus indirect taxes on production and net indirect taxes on products (excluding VAT), minus contributions to production and to exports.


Is a person who goes to a different place from those he/she normally frequents, for a period of time of less than one year, and for a reason other than a temporary or permanent movement from the place of residence or the performance of a paid activity in the visited place.


Unit of measure of electric tension (voltage)

Volume (book production)

Unit that comprises a given number of paper sheets gathered in a binding. A volume may be a part of a series.