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Name Term description
Table grapes

Grape produced from "table grape variety" vines, even though it can be destined, totally or partially, for the production of wine.


Are compulsory payments made by the production units the Public Administration or to EU Institutions. They can be of two types:- direct taxes, which are paid periodically on the basis of the income or the capital;- indirect taxes, which are paid on the basis of the production and imports of goods and services, on the use of labour, on the property or use of land, buildings or other goods employed in the production activity.

Temporary admission (of goods) for inward processing

This means the customs procedure under which certain goods can be brought into a customs territory conditionally relieved from payment of import duties and taxes; such goods must be intended for re-exportation within a specific period after having undergone manufacturing, processing or repair. Temporary admissions for repair are excluded from external trade statistics.

Temporary employment

Employment is temporary when, according to a contract or an agreement, it terminates under certain circumstances (a given date, conclusion of a task, achievement of an objective, return of the temporarily replaced, etc.)

Temporary exportations for outward processing

The temporary exportation [of goods] for outward processing is a customs procedure under which goods which are in free circulation in a customs territory may be temporarily exported for manufacturing, processing or repair abroad and then reimported with total or partial exemption from import duties and taxes. Temporary exportations for repair are excluded from external trade statistics.

Termination of employment

Is intended as the termination of an employment contract, regardless the reason (resignation, dismissal, retirement, death, etc.).

Territorial area

Surface area of the administrative units (provinces and regions)


Unit of measure of goods transport which represents the transport of one tonne by road over one kilometre. The distance to be taken into consideration is the distance actually run.

Total divorce and separation rates

Indicator obtained by adding, for each year T, the specific divorce or separation rates according to the duration of the marriage. It represents the share of marriages or separations during a year T, referred to a cohort of 1000 marriages celebrated in a same year (T or T-X).

Total enrolment (University)

Comprises all students that are enrolled in a given university, regardless of the year of enrolment


Is intended as the activity carried out by those persons who travel to places other that their usual place of residence for holiday or business reasons. The length of stay in the visited places must not exceed one year.

Tourism demand (segments)
Tourism demand (segments)

The principal segments of tourism demand are:- entertainment, holidays;- visits paid to relatives and friends;- business and professional reasons;- health-care, treatments, fitness;- religion, pilgrimage;- other reasons.

Tourism supply

Comprises all types of tourism accommodation, including private houses let to tourists.


Visitor who stays at least one night in a collective or private accommodation in the place/country visited.

Tourist campsites

Consists of collective facilities in enclosed areas for tents, caravans, trailers and mobile homes. All come under common management and provide some tourism services (shop, information, recreational activities).

Toxicity (of plant protection products)

According to EU and national legislation, plant protection product are grouped into three classes: - very toxic and toxic; - harmful; - not classified.

Traffic (transport)

Quantity of vehicles circulating over an area or a road.


Current transfers are offset items to unilateral transactions in which one economic entity provides a real resource or a financial item to another entity without receiving any real resource or financial item in exchange. They break down into current transfers and capital transfers


Are unilateral operations in which a party gives to another one an amount of money or a set of goods and services, without receiving any back-payment.Current transfers are intended to finance principally consumption expenses. They are normally made on a regular basis and registered in the income account of the beneficiary.

Transit (air transport)

Passengers who, after a short stop, continue their journey on the same aircraft on a flight having the same flight number as the flight on which they arrive.

Trend variation

Change with respect to the same quarter of the previous year


Is the total value of the invoices (excluding VAT) issued by an enterprise during the reference period, relating to sales both on the domestic market and on foreign markets.Also included are sales of products that have not been produced by the enterprise, together with invoices relating to the supply of services. Sales of fixed capital are not included.

Turnover index

Measures the changes over time of sales by industrial enterprises on the domestic and foreign markets, at current prices.