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Scattered houses

Are buildings scattered over the municipal territory, separated from one another by a considerable distance, which do not constitute a built-up area.

Scheduled air service

A commercial air service operated according to a published timetable, or with such a regular frequency that it constitutes an easily recognisable systematic series of flights.

School class

Group of pupils or students, defined on the basis of criteria set by the school. In the nursery school sections correspond to the classes.

Seasonal recruitment

Recruitment of employees with a fixed-term contract to perform seasonal activities.

Seasonal work

Work activity that has the same characteristics of the principal work but is performed during only a few months of the year.

Secondary nutrition elements (fertilisers)

comprise calcium, magnesium and sulphur

Secondary work activity

Activity that is performed in addition to the principal one, and may have the same characteristics or different ones. As a rule, the secondary work activity is carried out for a limited number of hours or only in some days of the week.

Self-employed person

Self-employed persons are defined as persons who work in their own business, professional practice or farm for the purpose of earning a profit.

Self-producer (electricity)

Natural or legal person that produces electricity and uses at least 70% of it for own consumption (or consumption of the controlling entities, of the controlled entities, of the member of cooperatives producing and supplying electricity.


Channel or conduit that carries wastewater, sewage and storm water from their source to a treatment plant or receiving stream. A sanitary sewer conveys household and commercial waste, a storm sewer transports rain run-off and a combined sewer is used for both purposes.

Short holiday

Period of not more than three consecutive nights spent away from one's residence, in a place other than those normally frequented, normally with purposes of entertainment or rest.

Short rotation wooded areas

Wooded areas where the time elapsed between the planting of the trees and the cutting of the product (excluding normal pruning) does not exceed 15 years.


Società Italiana Autori ed Editori ? Italian Authors' and Publishers' Association

Sickness benefit

Temporary monetary benefit paid during a disease, which replaces the earnings

Skimmed milk

Milk which has been subject to at least one heat treatment or an authorized treatment of equivalent effect by a milk processor and whose fat content has been brought to not more than 0,30 %.

Small editors

Publishers that during the year published between 1 and 10 books.

Small-sized enterprise (trade)

In the commercial sector, a small-sized enterprise is that enterprise that has up to two persons employed (employees or self-employed).


Smog is a combination of smoke and fog in which products of combustion such as hydrocarbons, particulate matter and oxides of sulphur and nitrogen occur in concentrations that are harmful to human beings and other organisms.

Social allowance

Allowance paid to Italian citizens aged over 65 who do not have any income and are not entitled to any pension (replaced social pensions since 1 January 1996).

Social benefits (ESA95)

Transfers to households, in cash or in kind, intended to relieve them from the financial burden of a number of risks or needs, made through collectively organised schemes, or outside such schemes by government units and non-profit institutions; they include payments from general government to producers which individually benefit households and which are made in the context of social risks or needs.

Social cost (of road accidents)

Economic value of damages deriving from an accident. It includes damages to persons, lost production, damages to goods, and administrative costs. In Italy the social cost of road accidents is estimated by ACI (Italian Automobile Club).

Social insurance

Is the public "sector" entitled to pay benefits, in cash or in kind, to workers who pay social contributions.

Social pension

Pension paid to Italian citizens aged over 65 who do not have any income and are not entitled to any other pension (was replaced by social allowances on since 1 January 1996).

Social security benefits

corresponds to transfers (money or nature) made to households in order to cover the costs deriving from some specific events, such as diseases, old-age, death, unemployment, occupational accidents, etc.).

Soil improvers

Comprise inorganic products, natural or synthetic, calcium-, magnesium-, or sulphur-based.

Sole proprietorship

Juridical form of an enterprise run by a single person (entrepreneur).

Specialised establishments

This category is typified:· as being any establishment intended for tourists, which may be non-profit making; · as coming under a common management;· as providing minimum common services (not including daily bed-making); · as not necessarily being arranged in rooms but perhaps in dwelling-type units, camp sites or collective dormitories; · and as engaging in some activity besides the provision of accommodation, such as health care, social welfare, conferences or transport.This minor group consists of establishments that, besides providing accommodation, have another specialised function. This minor group is subdivided into four unit groups: health establishments, work and holiday camps, conference centres and accommodation in collective means of transport.

Special trade

The results of Community statistics refer to special trade, which covers:(a) immediate imports and exports from warehouses for free circulation, imports for inward processing and imports after outward processing (customs procedures);(b) exports of Community goods after inward processing and exports for outward processing (customs procedures).Goods in transit and warehouse traffic are not included in Community statistics.

Special truck

Truck used for the transport of specific categories of goods or ued for special works.

Specific divorce and separation rates

Number of divorces or separations that took place in year T, relating to marriages that were celebrated in year X, divided by the total marriages celebrated in year X. It represents the share of marriages celebrated in year X that end up in a divorce or separation after a duration of (T-X) years.

Spontaneous abortion

Non-voluntary termination of pregnancy due to specific pathologies; any expulsion or death of an embryo or fetus within 180 days' gestation (25 weeks and 5 days).

Sport facilities

Are one or more areas (of the same or different type) which, as a whole, are intended for sport activities, and which have in common the additional areas and/or services

Sport facility, basic

Are areas that allow the practice of one or more types of sport activity.

Staff / personnel "ATA"

Technical administrative and auxiliary personnel in schools

Start-off in a job

As concerns the National Employment Office, the start-off in a job is the issue of a permit for the engagement of the worker.

State Archives

Archives where all documentation of the Italian States (before the Unification of Italy), of the Public Administration, of the General Government is stored.

State Auditors' Court

Has jurisdiction in the accounts of: treasurers, receiving officers, cashiers and other agents who collect, keep or deal with public money or values and things owned by the State.The Court is also competent in judging on the accounts by treasurers and agents of other Public Administrations, as concerns special laws and pensions of persons employed in the State or in the Army.Finally, it supervises the State accounting, as provided in the regulations of the State General Accounting.

State examination

Is the exam students must have at the end of primary and secondary school in order to have a school-leaving certificate.

State of activity of a local unit

A local unit may be in one of the following states:active, closed down.

State of activity of an enterprise

An enterprise may be in one of the following states:non-active, active, suspended, closed down, liquidated, bankrupt.

State school

is the school administered by the State

Statistical Register of Active Enterprises (ASIA)

Data on enterprises and employment are derived from Istat?s Statistical Register of Active Enterprises (ASIA). Active enterprises are defined as those enterprises that carried out an economic activity for at least six months during the reference year.ASIA covers the economic units that operate in the industry sector, in trade and in services. It contains information in the identification of these units (name and address) and on their characteristics (economic activity, persons employed, juridical form, turnover).ASIA was created in 1996 in compliance with the European Council Regulation 2186/93 on the use of business registers for statistical purposes.This regulation was abrogated in 2008, when Regulation 177/2008 of the European parliament and Council was adopted. This new regulation provides for a common European framework concerning Business Registers and expands the field of observation in terms of sectors and units contained in the registers.ASIA is updated every year through information derived from several sources and represents the official source of harmonised data at the EU level on enterprises and their demography. It is also the basis for all surveys on enterprises conducted by Istat, is used to produce National Accounts estimates, and determines the reference population for the design of samples and their generalisation to the universe.

Statistical value

For extra-EU trade, the statistical value is based on the customs value or, failing that, the transaction value of the goods. For intra-EU trade, it is based on the assessment basis for taxation purposes or the transaction value of the goods.It is the FOB (free on board) value for dispatches and exports and the CIF (cost, insurance, freight) value for arrivals and imports. It comprises only those subsidiary costs (freight and insurance) which relate, for dispatches and exports, to the journey within the territory of the Member State from which the goods are dispatched and, for arrivals and imports, to the journey outside the territory of the Member State into which the goods enter.In the case of trade under an inward or outward processing arrangement and those for outside processing, it is always the total value of the goods that is recorded and not simply the added value.

Still births

Still births are intended as foetus dead after the 180th day of gestation. Statistical surveys consider the minimum duration of pregnancy as of 26 weeks, while in international comparisons this threshold is of 28 weeks.

Structural dependency index

Ratio of the population of non-working age (0-14 years and over 64) to the population of working age (15-64 years) (%)


Person whose time is dedicated mainly to study activities

Students enrolled for the first time (University)

Comprises students who have just obtained the secondary school diploma (Italian or equivalent), graduated in foreign universities, students transferred from a foreign university to an Italian one. Students who had enrolled for the first time in former years but abandoned the curse and re-enrolled in a different course (or in a different university) are excluded. These students fall in the category ?enrolled in first year?).

Students enrolled in first year (University)

Comprises:For three-year courses and 4 or 5 or 6 single cycle courses:- Students enrolled for the first time, - Students who had enrolled for the first time in former years but abandoned the curse and re-enrolled in the first year a different course (or in a different university), For 2nd level courses: - graduates from 1st level courses (or form the old system of from foreign universities) enrolled in the first year of the 2nd level course


Agreement for the regular supply of a periodical publication, for a given period of time and against the payment of a pre-fixed amount of money.


Is a fixed retail outlet with a sales area in excess of 400 m2, which sells mostly food products for consumers' use. It may be autonomous or a part of a department store.

Supplementary units

Supplementary units are units other than net mass, for example, litres, number of parts or square metres. They have to be indicated for certain goods where they are useful measures for the goods concerned.

Survivor's pension (widow's pension)

Pension paid to survivors after the spouse, who was entitled to the pension dies

Suspended enterprise

Enterprise registered in the Business Register whose activity is suspended. Suspensions due to provisions by the Authorities (health, public safety) are included. Short-time and seasonal suspensions are excluded.