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Name Term description
National accounting

Comprises a set of accounts and tables aimed at providing quantitative information on the Country's economic and financial activity.Production, distribution of income and of consumption, capital formation, financing, operations with other countries are stated separately.

National economic accounts

Techniques intended to draw a synthetic picture of the economic relations that take place between the various economic units of a given system during a given period of time. Economic accounts represent the key-figures on the economic situation of the State, on the disposable resources, on income and its constituents, on the accumulation process and relative financing and on the relation with the rest of the world.

National Health Service (SSN)

Functions, facilities and services to promote and safeguard mental and physic health of the whole population, regardless of social and individual status, and guaranteeing equal treatment of every citizen.

National or domestic air transport

Air transport within the Italian territory.

National tourism

Comprises domestic tourism and outbound tourism

Natural balance

Difference between births and deaths.

Natural population changes

Number of births and deaths during the reference period.

Nature of transaction

The nature of transaction means the different characteristics (purchase/sale, work under contract, etc.) which are deemed to be useful in distinguishing one transaction from another.

Net capital stock

The sum of the written-down values of all the fixed assets still in use is described as the net capital stock; it can also be described as the difference between gross capital stock and consumption of fixed capital

Net production of electricity

Total quantity of electricity produced, as measured at the exit points of the production plants.

New building

Is a newly built building (from nothing) or an already existent building that has been completely rebuilt


Consumer price index for the whole nation

Nights spent (tourism)

In the tourism field: corresponds to every overnight stay by a tourist in an accommodation establishment.

NMVOC - Non-methane volatile organic compounds

Non-methane volatile organic compounds. Include a variety of chemically different compounds, like for example, benzene, ethanol, formaldehyde, cyclohexane, 1,1,1-trichloroethane or acetone.

Non-professional condition

Refers to people's position in the labour market. Persons in non-professional condition are: persons aged under 15 years, persons seeking their first job, housewives, students, persons retired from work, persons under military service, persons unable to work.

Non-profit institutions (NPIs)

A non-profit institution is defined as a legal or social entity created for the purpose of producing goods and services whose status does not permit them to be a source of income, profit or other financial gains for the units that establish, control or finance them. In practice, their productive activities are bound to generate either surpluses or deficits but any surpluses they happen to make cannot be appropriated by other institutional units.

Non-residential building

Building or part of a building used solely or prevalently for non-residential purposes.

Non-scheduled air service

Air services that is by nature irregular and occasional, and depends upon the hiring of an aircraft. If the aircraft has a capacity of more than 12 passengers, the service is defined as charter, if it has a cpacity 12 or less passengers it is defined as air-taxi.

Non-seasonal recruitment

All recruitment of employees, excluding those engaged with a seasonal contract

Non-state school

Is a school that is not administered by the State. Non-state schools can be:- Public non-state school: administered and by the Municipality, the Province, or the region. It can be either officially recognised or non recognised.- Private non-state school: administered by private entities, religious or lay.

Notarial deed

Is the formal expression of a person's (or group of persons) will. The notarial deed may be public or authenticated, and may contain one or more conventions.

Notary's archives

The notary's archives Administration belongs to the Ministry of Grace and Justice and stores all concluded notarial deeds, regulates the notarial deeds that are deposited, publishes wills, issues copies of the deeds and manages the General Register of wills.


Standard Goods Classification for Transport Statistics, revised

Number of hours worked

Total number of hours actually worked, either paid or unpaid, including extraordinary work. . They do not include hours paid but that have not been worked (such as holidays, sick leaves, permits, etc.) or that have been used in activities that are not considered for the calculation of the GDP (such as voluntary work of housewives' work).

Number of persons employed

The number of persons employed is defined as the total number of persons who work in the observation unit (inclusive of working proprietors, partners working regularly in the unit and unpaid family workers), as well as persons who work outside the unit who belong to it and are paid by it (e.g. sales representatives, delivery personnel, repair and maintenance teams). It includes persons absent for a short period (e.g. sick leave, paid leave or special leave), and also those on strike, but not those absent for an indefinite period. It also includes part-time workers who are regarded as such under the laws of the country concerned and who are on the payroll, as well as seasonal workers, apprentices and home workers on the payroll.The number of persons employed excludes manpower supplied to the unit by other enterprises, persons carrying out repair and maintenance work in the observation unit on behalf of other enterprises, as well as those on compulsory military service.

Number of rooms per dwelling

Ratio of the total number of rooms of the housing units (including kitchens) to the total number oh housing units.