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Termination of pregnancy before the fetus is capable of autonomous extrauterine life. Abortions may be spontaneous or induced.


products used against mites


Automobile Club d'Italia ? Italian Automobile Club

Active enterprise

Enterprise registered in the Enterprises Register, which carries out an economic activity and is not undergoing insolvency proceedings.

Active ingredients of plant protection products

Active ingredients are the substances in a commercial product which cause the desired effect on target organisms (fungi, weeds, pests, etc?).

Active population

Comprises the labour force (persons in employment and unemployed seeking employment) and persons seeking their first job.

Activity (economic)

An activity is said to take place when resources such as equipment, labour, manufacturing techniques, information networks or products are combined, leading to the creation of specific goods or services. An activity is characterised by an input of products (goods or services), a production process and an output of products.

Activity rate

Represents the labour force as a percentage of the population of working age (15-64 years )

Actual average expenditure of households

corresponds to the total expenditure of households for the purchase of a good (or service) divided by the number of households that purchased the good (or service).

Actual social contributions

Actual social contributions comprise all payments that insured workers (or employers) pay to Social Insurance Bodies. These contributions are due in compliance with law provisions, collective agreements in a sector of activity, agreements between the employed and the employee (within an enterprise), work contracts. Social contributions may, in some cases, be voluntary.


The term adoption may have different juridical meanings. The Italian legislation sets that, as a rule, minors can be adopted only by married couples. It also sets that persons aged over 18 can be adopted.

Aggregates at previous year prices

Represent the measure of the aggregates calculated on the basis of the previous year prices. The chained index is obtained by chaining the annual changes calculated at previous year prices

Agricultural holding

Is the technical-economic unit constituted principally by land (and, sometimes, by equipment) where agrarian activity is carried out. Agrarian activity comprises agriculture, forestry and animal farming. The agricultural holding may be run a natural or a juridical person, solely or in collaboration with sharecroppers.

Agri-tourism activity

Tourism activity carried out in rural areas, in which proprietors of agricultural holdings provide accommodation for tourists.

Agri-tourism establishments

Accommodation establishments located in agricultural holdings

Air pollution

The presence of contaminants or pollutants in the air at a concentration that interferes with human health or welfare, or produces other harmful environmental effects.

Allocation of primary income

The allocation of primary income account concerns the resident units and institutional sectors as recipients rather than producers of primary income. "Primary income" is the income which resident units receive by virtue of their direct participation in the production process, and the income receivable by the owner of a financial asset or a tangible non-produced asset in return for providing funds to, or putting the tangible non-produced asset at the disposal of, another institutional unit. The allocation of primary income account can be calculated only for the institutional sectors and sub-sectors because, in the case of industries, it is impossible to break down certain flows connected with financing (capital loans and borrowings) and assets. The allocation of primary income account is broken down into an entrepreneurial income account and an allocation of other primary income account.


Temporary monetary benefit paid after disease, accident, maternity or unemployment


Request for the judicial review by a superior court of the decision of a lower tribunal.

Applied research

Applied research is also original investigation undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge. It is, however, directed primarily towards a specific practical aim or objective.


Apprentices are workers who do not yet fully participate in the production process and work either under an apprenticeship contract or in a situation in which vocational training predominates over productivity. According to the Italian legislation apprentices are not employees in the strict sense. However, from the viewpoint of statistics, they are often included in this category.


Azienda di promozione turistica (Agency for tourism promotion)

Arable land seeds and seedlings

Areas producing seeds and seedlings for sale, excluding cereals, rice, pulses, potatoes and oil seeds.


In the tourism field: each time a tourist arrives in an accommodation establishment. In the case of a same tourist who, during the journey, stops over different places, the arrivals are counted in as many times as this tourist requires accommodation is a different establishment.

Arrivals (external trade)

In broad terms, inward flows to one Member State from another are known as arrivals.Arrivals in a given Member State include:a) goods in free circulation which enter the statistical territory of the Member State;b) goods which have been placed under the customs procedure for inward processing or processing under customs control (for processing, transformation or repair) in another Member State and which enter the statistical territory of the Member State in question;c) Some movements of goods are included in Eurostat statistics according to specific rules. In particular, ships and aircraft are included in arrivals of a given Member State when ownership is being transferred from a person resident in another Member State to a person resident in the Member State in question.

Assimilation threshold (Intrastat declaration)

The assimilation threshold is the threshold below which no statistical declaration is required. In Italy they are defined every year by the Ministry of the Economy and FInance.

ATM (Automated teller Machine)

Electromechanical device allowing authorised cardholders, typically using machine-readable plastic cards, to withdraw cash from their accounts and/or access to other services, such as balance enquiries, transfer of funds or acceptance of deposits. A device allowing only balance enquiries does not qualify as an ATM.

Attainment of upper secondary school diploma, index of

Population aged 19-34 years (or 35-44 years, or 19 and over) holding at least one upper secondary school certificate as a percentage of the total population in the same age group.

Attendance allowance

Allowance paid to insured or retired persons who, do to disability or sickness, are not able to perform daily life activities without the continuous assistance of another person.

Attività di ricerca e sviluppo (R&S)

Any creative systematic activity undertaken in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this knowledge to devise new applications.


Person or entity who created a work or is responsible for its intellectual content.

Average age (or life expectancy at birth)

Number of years a newborn child is expected to live.

Average area of dwellings

Sum of the total areas of dwellings divided by the number of dwellings.

Average length of stay

Ratio of the number of nights spent by guests in accommodation establishments to the number of arrivals.

Average number of members per household

Ratio of the total population living in households to the total number of households.