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PoliS-Lombardia, Regional Institute for the Support of Lombardy’s Policies was created on the 1st of January 2018, thanks to the merger of Arifl, the Regional Agency for Education, Training and Employment, in Éupolis Lombardia, the Higher Institute for Research, Statistics and Training. However, the new institute should not be considered as the mere sum of two Public Bodies. The objective of the regional legislator was "to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of regional administrative action in the sectors of the labour market, research and training, through a reorganization of the functions performed by the related bodies" (Article 26 of the Regional Law) 10 August 2017, No. 22).
The functions in support of the institutional activity of Region Lombardia (concerning training, studies and research, technical-scientific support, statistics and management of observers) are now completed with the functions supporting integrated policies on education, training and employment.
This outlines the mission of an organization supporting the implementation and evaluation of the policies for the Region as a whole, which this year started rethinking, consolidating and guiding previous experiences into a broad and complex vision, more responsive to the changed (and changing) public scenario.

PoliS-Lombardia - Regional Institute for the Support of Lombardy’s Policies 
Economic and Statistical Coordination Area

Via Taramelli, 12/F - 20125 Milano
e-mail: statistica@polis.lombardia.it 


The Union of Chambers of Commerce of Lombardy is the body that unites and represents the Chambers of Commerce of the region, and therefore the general interests of enterprises. Its primary objective is to strengthen the leadership of Lombardy, not only in Italy but also in at the European level.
The mission of Unioncamere Lombardia is to "consolidate - through the action of the Chambers of Commerce - policies and practices that support the development of the enterprise system, in order to increase the role of Lombardy in the process of European integration".
Unioncamere Lombardia participates in the implementation or RSY – Regional Statistical Yearbook with the staff of the office for Economic Information and Local Development. It performs of the functions of Scientific Head and operational coordination and management of activities and resources.

Unioncamere Lombardia - Office for Economic Information
Via E. Oldofredi, 23 - 20124 Milano
e-mail: asr@lom.camcom.it



ISTAT, the Italian Statistics Office, participates in the implementation or RSY – Regional Statistical Yearbook through its Territorial Office for Lombardy. It supplies a large part of the data published in the Yearbook. The Territorial Office supports the production of statistics, statistical production, promotes the dissemination of information produced by Istat and promotes statistical culture.
It provides training and technical assistance to survey networks and to Sistan in the region, in order to guarantee the high quality of the statistical information that is released.
The Territorial Office also represents Istat in the maintenance and development of relations with Institutions, with the scientific community and with the Sistan representatives in the territory.
The office in Milan is the venue of the Statistical Information Centre, which provides bookshop and library services (open from Monday to Friday between 9.45 and 12.45 a.m. https://contact.istat.it/). In addition to consultation and the purchase of official ISTAT publications, the Statistical Information Centre also provides, upon request, sets of data and customised databases. There are also two access points to the Adele Laboratory.

ISTAT – Regional Office for Lombardy
Via E. Oldofredi, 23 - 20124 Milano
e-mail: sede.lombardia@istat.it