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daily hospitalisation in departments, wards and hospital facilities for diagnosis and/or care and/or rehabilitation. It has the following functional characteristics: it is a single or a series of planned hospitalisations; it is limited to a part of a day; it provides multiprofessional and more than one specialist action which differs from usual ambulatory services.

Dead after the 1st year of life

Child that died after the 1st birthday

Dead during the 1st year of life

Takes into account the actual age: up to one day, over one day, over one month ? up to one year.


Decoupling can be either absolute or relative. Absolute decoupling occurs when the relevant environmental pressure is stable or decreasing while the economic driving force is growing. Decoupling is relative when the growth rate of the environmentally relevant variable is positive, but less than the growth rate of the economic variable.

Definition (INAIL cases)

Administrative procedures aimed at assessing the insured person's rights.


Is a calculation procedure that eliminates, from current values, the influence of changes in prices. Since the accounting data are expressed in current figures, changes are broken down into quantity changes and price changes, according to the formula: V (value) = P (price) x Q (quantity). This operation suits perfectly economic aggregates that reflect operations concerning goods and services (production, consumption, investment, imports, exports, etc.). On the other hand, considerable difficulty may be found in the case of those aggregates that reflect operations relating to distribution of income and to financial and monetary operations.

Delivery terms

The delivery terms mean those provisions of the sales contract which lay down the obligations of the seller and the buyer respectively, in accordance with the Incoterms of the International Chamber of Commerce (cif, fob, etc.).

Demographic rate

Ratio of the number of events (births, deaths, etc.) to the average population during the period of reference, multiplied by 1 000.

Department store

Is a fixed retail outlet operating in the non-food sector, which has a sales area in excess of 400 m2 and at least 5 different departments (in addition to a food-department that may also exist). Each department sells a different commodity category and the articles sold are mostly consumer goods of general use.

Dependency index

Population aged 0-14 years plus the population aged 65 and over, as a percentage of the population aged 15-64.


Represents the reduction of the value of fixed capital during the year, due to utilisation, obsolescence and accidental damage. Depreciation is calculated according to the cost of replacement. Not subject to depreciation are those public works that have an undetermined duration.

Direct pension

Pension paid on the basis of the contribution paid by the worker requesting it (old age, length of service, disability pensions).

Disability pension

Pension paid to workers who, due to disease, are totally unable to carry out any work activities. To be entitled to a disability pension the worker must have paid a minimum amount of contributions.

Discharge (hospital)

Discharge of a patient from a hospital after a period of in-patient care. It is the last contact with the hospital where the patient has been treated. The discharge day is recorded in the medical record.

Dispatches (external trade)

Dispatches in a given Member State include:a) goods in free circulation which leave the statistical territory of the Member State bound for another Member State;b) goods which have been placed under the customs procedure for inward processing or processing under customs control (for processing, transformation or repair) in the Member State and which are destined for another Member State;c) Some movements of goods are included in Eurostat statistics according to specific rules. In particular, ships and aircraft are included in dispatches of a given Member State when ownership is being transferred from a person established in this Member State to a person established in another Member State.


Final legal dissolution of a marriage, that is, that separation of husband and wife which confers on the parties the right to remarriage under civil, religious and/or other provisions, according to the laws of each country. In Italy the divorce was introduced in 1970; in 1987 the number of years of separation necessary to obtain the divorce were reduced from five to three.

Domestic tourism

Domestic tourism comprises the activities of residents of a given area travelling to and staying in places only within that area but outside their usual environment.

Domestic wastewater

Domestic wastewater is the liquid component of waste removed from residences, businesses, and institutions. Essentially, water is considered drinking water or potable water before it is used; after it has been used and discarded it becomes wastewater. Domestic wastewater generally includes material disposed of through toilets, sinks, tubs and showers, washing machines and the like.

Drinking milk

Milk for human consumption, pasteurised or sterilised, or uperized.


see Housing unit


A housing unit used as the principal usual residence of at least one person, it is separate in the sense that persons living there can isolate themselves from other persons, it is independent in the sense that it can be accessed without passing through anybody else's accommodation.

Dwellings rented from private individuals or professional agencies

This unit group comprises apartments, villas, houses, chalets and other dwellings rented or leased as complete units between households, on a temporary basis, as tourist accommodation. They include Bed and Breakfast establishments.In major resort areas, this type of accommodation often compete directly with certain types of collective accommodation.