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Name Term description
Occasional work

Activity that does not have the same characteristics as the usual one, and is not carried out during the whole year


Is the work activity carried out by the population in employment, and is determined according to the type of job and the activities performed. An occupation is characterised by three major aspects: level of autonomy and/or responsibility in decision-making, specialisation field and "function" (i.e. professional status, economic activity).

Occupational accident, report

If an occupational accident occurs, the employee must immediately inform the employer and present the medical certificate. Within two days the employer must report the accident to INAIL. Fatal accidents must be reported to INAIL within 24 hours, by telegram.

Occupational balance

Number of persons enterprises expect to recruit minus the number of persons who are expected to leave the enterprise (due to job change, death, retirement?)

Occupied dwelling

A dwelling which is the principal usual residence of at least one person.

Officially recognised school

Is a non-state school (public or private) that meets the requirements of the education system and are authorised by the Ministry of Education to grant official educational qualifications.

Old age pension

Pension paid to workers who reached a certain age (set by law). To be entitled to a disability pension the worker must have paid a minimum amount of contributions.


Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Member countries are: Member Countries are: Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela

Open ended employment contract

see Permanent employment


Constitute the total amount of orders received (and accepted) by an enterprise from national and foreign customers.In the case of orders stating only quantities (e.g. tonnes, number of pieces), these are converted into values by the enterprises themselves, on the basis of current selling prices.

Orders index

Measures the changes over time of orders received by industrial enterprises from national and foreign clients, at current prices.

Ordinary intervention (Government Temporary Lay-off Indemnity)

takes place in case of temporary suspension or reduction of the enterprise activity, due to temporary market crises.

Other establishments (tourism)

Comprise youth hostels, tourist dormitories, group accommodation, holiday homes for the elderly, holiday accommodation for employees and worker's hotels, alpine refuges, and Bed&Breakfast.

Other juridical forms

"Other" juridical forms comprises all enterprises whose juridical form is not included in one of the following categories: - sole proprietorship;- private partnership;- joint-stock company. "Other" juridical forms comprise more than 40 categories, the most significant ones are the following;- co-operative- consortium;- consortium with external activity;- company constituted according to these States' regulations

Other research personnel

Comprises all personnel engaged in activities in support of R&D, such as clerical staff, skilled or unskilled manual workers.

Outbound tourism

Outbound tourism comprises the activities of residents of a given country travelling to and staying in places outside that country and outside their usual environment.